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Your website is one of the most important branding and marketing tools you have. You can have the most dazzling website with all the bells and whistles attached but it won’t do a thing for you if you can’t keep it up to date.

I’m proud to be able to offer web development services that give you the control over all of your own content. I use primarily WordPress on my sites, and as part of all of my development and design packages, I make sure you have the knowledge you need to keep your site current, and keep visitors coming back.

Whether you’re looking for some help getting a site up and running, or you’re looking for a full service, ground-up custom design and development package, I can help you out, starting for as little as $100.

Sites developed by Selkie Sea:

  • Selkie Sea Press: Our sister site, it inclues an ecommerce solution as well as a thoroughly customized theme to make adding content and presenting it a snap.
  • Lisa Nicholas: Author website with a unique back-end solution for keeping the bibliography up-to-date, fully-customized templates for books and events, and a variety of display templates to show everything off.

About Selkie Sea

Lisa NicholsSelkie Sea is, well, me! My name is Lisa Nichols and I’ve been a web designer/developer and published author for over ten years. I’ve published under the names Lisa A. Nichols, Lisa Nicholas, and Jade Cain and am a bestselling author in romance and erotica.

As I was starting my self-publishing journey, I realized how difficult it was to find affordable solutions for cover design and book formatting. I realized I could put my own experience as a designer to use, not only for myself, but for other authors as well. (For more information on my self-publishing, visit my sister site, Selkie Sea Press.)

As a web developer, I’ve worked with and for companies ranging from local nonprofits to Fortune 500 organizations. My goal is always to provide a web presence that is easy for my client to keep up-to-date and fresh–a stale website does no one any good!

Let’s see what I can do make your work shine!

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